Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Visual Studio 2010

.NET Logo Microsoft has announced Visual Studio 2010 (VS). The list of changes that sounds interesting to me:

  • The user interface will be implemented in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • Managed addins will be supported
  • Multiple new windows
  • Built-in Test Driven Development (TDD) support
  • Built-in ASP.NET Model-View-Control (MVC) support
  • JQuery will be part of VS
  • Built-in Silverlight 2 support
  • Native Windows 7 support (means C++, MFC)
  • Multiple new UML-like diagrams (Team System (VSTS): use case, activity, sequence)
  • New Architecture Explorer (VSTS)
  • New Architecture Layer Diagram (VSTS)
  • Built-in support for Windows Azure cloud computing environment
  • Built-in support for Parallel development (Parallel Extensions, native, managed)

I can see two main possible problems with VS 2010. The first is WPF UI, the second are managed addons. Both means significant performance degradation. One of the main goals of Windows 7 is significantly improved performance. All the performance we can save on Windows 7 will be lost on WPF. VS 2008 is one of the fastest IDEs on the market, but it's becoming more and more slower. I doubt its performance will be as good as current VS 2008 performance.

On the other hand, I can hardly wait for built-in Silverlight 2, JQuery, Parallel Extension and MVC support. These will be great changes.

Link: Visual Studio 2010 Overview
Link: Visual Studio 2010 Product Overview (PDF)
Link: Visual Studio 2010 CTP Download